At Flow Lab we believe yoga is an INNER QUEST to finding your true self through the ART of movement. We have experienced its POWER to rejuvenate the body and REFRESH the mind and want to share this with you. Let Flow Lab to be your SANCTUARY from the hustle of life. Where our teachers can help you become ACCOUNTABLE for your health and wellbeing. Learn to SILENCE your inner judge, CONNECT with the strength you ALWAYS had and live a life of PASSION and PURPOSE. Dare to be different, DARE to transform.

All you need to do is turn up!


Please check out our BRAND NEW location for more classes and times.

Both studios provide a variety of classes so you can personalise your own wellness journey and find space from the Sydney hustle and bustle.

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Creative wellness solutions to suit your business.

By advocating a culture that promotes work-life balance you will empower your employees to make their health their own responsibility.

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Deepen and refine your yoga practice with a private session. 

Yoga Therapy uses a range of tools that help strengthen the muscles surrounding your health symptoms so you reach your full potential.

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