Yoga and Wellness classes in the heart of the Sydney CBD to give you a break, find focus, clarity, move more efficiently and explore your bodies potential.


Creative wellness solutions to suit your business.

By advocating a culture that promotes wellness and work-life balance you will empower your employees to make their health their own responsibility. Contact us to find out more about our corporate programs.


Please check our live schedule for times bookings.

Flow Lab is located in the heart of the Sydney CBD to cater for its primarily corporate clientele. We understand that you life is busy so we make our yoga classes practical, diverse, specific and challenging. 


Deepen and refine your yoga practice with a personalised session.

Yoga Therapy uses a range of tools such as postures, breath work, meditation and guided relaxation techniques to alleviate the source and symptoms of many specific health conditions. Book a session with our resident yoga therapist today.