Alana Evans

I was introduced to the practice of Yoga over 10 years ago by my mum who thought it would help me to cope with the pressures of being a teenager!  I used to love fast paced sports and was a cross country runner for a long time but, after a while, gravitated more and more towards the practice of Yoga for refuge and clarity.  I completed my training in Rishikesh, India and came back with a strong reverence for the practice in all its forms.

My understanding of the practice changes every day and I love that it allows me to come to peace with the person I was and the person I am becoming. 

I want students to feel deep appreciation for themselves at all stages of their journey by acknowledging their own personal transformations. I believe every practice must be met with an intention and I aim to inspire my students with a theme before every class; for purpose and perspective.  Yoga is one of the only ways I can truly come home to myself and connect with every aspect of my being and I want to bring this transformative practice to others.