Bookings and Cancellations

  • Please check our live MindBody schedule (via the connect app) for up-to-date information on all classes.

  • To make life seamless, we do encourage you to book into all classes online or via the free Mind Body Connect app. (search for Flow Lab Yoga)

  • If you cannot attend the class be sure to cancel your booking as this will free the space for another student.

  • No shows or those that cancel within the 90 minute window before a class will be charged a cancellation fee based on their pass. A lost class to 10 pass and intro pass holders and a $10 cancellation fee to fortnightly members and unlimited month holders.

  • All passes (10 and Unlimited Months) are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

  • Flow Lab has the right to cancel or change studio classes or teachers. 

  • You are welcome to drop-in but those with a booking will be prioritised if a class is fully booked.

Download the app here: itunes or android

Arriving on time: 

  • If you arrive MORE than 5 mins late, the teacher has the right to decline entry to avoid disruption to the class.

  • In the case of classes being fully booked, if you have a booking and arrive late, a person on the waitlist will be given your space.

Please see our Studio Etiquette Guide 


I already entered my payment details into the app, why cant you access it?

  • The Mind Body Connect App is not only for Flow Lab Yoga. It is a booking app for all Yoga and Wellness related sites that use the use the system to list classes.

  • Payment details in the app are different from the payment details in the Flow Lab Desktop version of the software.

  • (A little confusing, yes. But if you log in via your desktop more than likely you will be taken to Flow Lab Yoga system, see here).

I cannot book and I have a membership?

As the debits come out fortnightly, every 13th day there is the cross over period where the system changes from the old payment to the new payment.

Can i have an extension on my pass?

We are generally flexible around extending passes as we understand that life happens. Please send an email to and let us know before its expiry.

I tried to cancel the class but the app didn't let me, please help?

This means that you tried to cancel INSIDE the 90 minute late cancel window. We are pretty forgiving, but please understand that if you are charged it would more than likely that the class was fully booked and someone else missed out on a class

FEES and Standard MEMbership Terms

Memberships on Direct Debit will be charged Bank account transaction fee of $0.88

Ezidebit charges $11.90 for any rejections of your credit card or debit card details. So please ensure they are correct and you have sufficient funds

Fortnight Direct Debit Terms

  • A Minimum of 30 days (i.e you cannot cancel with in the first 30 days)

  • 30 Days notice to cancel

  • 14 days notice to suspend or hold.

  • You cannot cancel membership during or after a suspension, you will need to allow the membership to reinstate and then provide the relevant 30 days notice.

Pass Extension

  • Pass extensions will be given on a case by case basis, please contact us before the expiry of the pass.

  • If your pass expires we reserve the right not to extend.