A flowing series of postures guided by the breath allowing you to move more freely. Stabilising core work and intricate sequences, postures can be dynamic and fluid or purposeful and static. Definitely a good way to balance, strength, movement, breath and mindfulness.

Pregnant - if you are pregnant you will need to have clearance from your doctor and already have a regular yoga practice or know appropriate modifications

Level: Intermediate and advanced

Yoga 101

Designed for entry-level yogis, or back to the mat yogis that have dabbled with yoga but are not ready to commit to a more regular practice. Essentials are the basics, the foundation movements that are incorporated in a regular vinyasa practice. Definitely recommended for beginners that are new to our studio.

Level: Beginners, suitable to all levels

Chill Flow (Yang / Yin)

Chill Flow is a slow practice that focuses on building enough heat to then allow you to melt into a deeper restorative or yin style pose. It provides ample time to focus on your breathe and connect to the sensations that arise in your body as you maintain alignment. Balancing an active practise that works on increasing blood flow to build stamina and flexibility, with passive long holds that allow us to give the love that our connective tissues and joints need.

Level: Intermediate and advanced

Functional Strength & Mobility

Our functional strength and conditioning class will help you perform your day to day activities more easily and with minimal effort; helping keep your muscles and bones healthy, challenge your cardiovascular systems and  improve your balance, joy of life and longevity.

In our classes, functional training involves mainly bodyweight exercises targeting all the muscles of the body at the same time.

Level: Intermediate to advanced


The main objective of Pilates is to strengthen the core, improve posture stabilise and elongate the spine. This is done through strengthening the “powerhouse”, a Pilates term that refers to your abdominals, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips and glutes. This class is the perfect class to include in your yoga or health regime.

Level: Suitable for all levels and recommended for sports enthusiasts.

Long Slow Deep (LSD)

Balance your practice with long slow deep stretches that you can hold to restore alignment physically and mentally.

  • Long Slow Deep, extended holds in relatively simple postures to improve structure and symmetry by opening connective tissue and balancing both sides of the body.

  • Releasing deep stored tension by staying in the stretch and allowing the body to move through resistance by slow, deep breathing.

  • Learn the true art of stretching which improves strength and overall flexibility.

Level: Suitable to all levels and recommend for all sports enthusiasts.

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