Corporate Mission

Flow Lab is passionate about getting your people moving and breathing to find focus and clarity. We teach you how balance the body and the demands of city life.  

Flow Lab has tweaked and refined our services to offer a very unique and specific service that exceeds the demands of our clients with our ability to continually adapt, tailor and modify our services to a dynamic market.

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Benefits of Yoga in your workplace

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased stress thresholds 
  • Clearer perception and decision-making
  • Greater self confidence and emotional awareness
  • Refined creativity
  • Heightened sense of happiness and wellbeing
  • Increased physical strength and flexibility
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Improved postural alignment
  • Greater team cohesion

Flow Lab Methodology

Our Methodology is simple, however it is the experience and knowledge of our corporate team that brings the success of our programs.


Mindful Movement

People who move with curiosity, exploration and and an intention to discover overtime will refine, unlock and harness their potential. It is no secret that Yoga is the mirror of what we need to learn and look at in order to grow in all aspects of life.


Meditate and Breathe

Learning to slow down, is the fastest way to learn about yourself, contemplate challenging situations and more importantly bring balance, harmony and connection to your mind and body.


Repair and Restoration

Living in a city is stressful! Repair and Restoration are vital to a well rounded wellness program if you want to avoid burnout, exhaustion or more seriously adrenal fatigue. 

Flow Labs corporate yoga classes will educate, inspire & motivate your people.

Our goal is to educate, inspire and motivate your employees to be committed and responsible for boosting their own wellness.

Our teachers will guide your employees to cultivating and using the tools already built within them, simply refine what they already know and putting it into action.

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