Flow Lab Yogis are; passionate, experienced, creative, playful

Vicky Chapman Yoga Teacher Sydney


Vicky started practicing yoga while traveling in the United States at age 20...

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Norma Nelson Yoga Teacher Sydney.jpg


Expect a strong class with creative sequences...tame your busy mind with...

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Chai Flow Lab Yoga Teacher


Chai delivers a harmonious approach of breath and movement with awareness.

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Shar seeks to provide students with the skills to learn, practice ... 

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Bevan Pfieffer Yoga Teacher Sydney.jpg


Bevan has been athletic since he was a kid, drawn to many sports...

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Amelia bros Yoga teacher sydney


Amelia likes to empower her class through strong, movements. focusing on functional...

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Shawn McLaren Yoga Teacher Sydney.jpg


Shawn is an adventure enthusiast with a huge passion for yoga. 

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Christy Molyneux Yoga Teacher Sydney.jpg


I discovered the benefits movement, the exact same thing started her yoga...

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All Flow Lab teachers are highly qualified, experienced and share a passion for practicing, learning and sharing the gift of yoga with our community