Michael Malaga (Chai)

(Chai) Chaitanya Michael Malaga

Chaitanya delivers a harmonious approach of breath and movement with awareness. Through the practices of Hatha yoga,  he presents a sequence of dynamic yoga postures, breath expansion and deep relaxation. He encourages you to embrace all aspects of your being - your physical and mental health, balancing your emotions and creating a sense of clarity and lightness.

He met his first yoga teachers Yogi Charu and Sudevi Sundari in 2006. Ashram experience  - 4yrs. exploring various paths of yoga. With over 10 years of dedication to yoga life, Chaitanya is a qualified Hatha yoga teacher, his training is based on the traditions of hatha, tantra and meditation. He continues to learn from senior teachers such as Eileen Hall (Yogamoves), Carolin Coggins (East Redfern Yoga) and Swami Satyadharma (Academy of Yoga science).

When Chaitanya is not teaching, you can often guarantee that he is either enjoying an ocean swim or catching up with beautiful souls for a cup of chai and a cake!