New to Yoga

Awesome! Welcome to our Studio.

You have come to the right place! Flow Lab offers a range and style of Yoga classes to suit all levels of practitioner.  So we can help you better and get your practice underway, please complete this form (it takes less than one minute)!

Best classes for beginners or those new to Yoga

Coming to a brand new studio can often mean that class names and styles can be slightly different from other studios. If you are new a Yoga practice completely we highly recommend the following

  • Yoga 101: Is our Flow Lab beginners series to introduce new Yogis to a yoga practice and our studio. Get acquainted with the postures, learn the vocabulary and terminology for postures and build your structure from the ground up. Yoga essentials is also suitable to regular practitioners wanting to move slower and solidify the foundations of their practice. Book Now

As you begin to feel familiar and more confident with postures

Are you simply just getting back onto the mat and just wanting a strong and steady practice?

  • Chill Flow: An alignment oriented practice that emphasises the forms and shapes within yoga postures. The postures are held in accurate alignment and the emphasis is placed on core strength, flexibility, balance as well as concentration and breath control. Book Now

Do you want to Slow Down, De-Stress & Breathe?

  • Restorative / LSD (Long Slow Deep): This is our YIN style practice that allows practitioners to decompress from their work day or the accumulated stress of living in a busy demanding city. LSD will allow you to release deep, stored, structural tension by moving slowly and using longer holds. You will learn the true art of stretching which will improve your overall strength and flexibility. Book Now

If you want something specific you can try;

  • Core and Posture: Perfect for not only our predominantly corporate clientele but for all individuals. We work around common weaknesses in posture and how to establish functional core stability. Definitely a great addition to ensuring overall health and wellbeing. Book Now
  • Private Yoga Sessions



  • Yoga Mat hire $2
  • 1 toilet on the first floor (no showers)
  • 2 change rooms (they do get very busy)
Bookings and Cancellations
What if I need to cancel last minute?
  • We do appreciate that life happens and work meetings do suddenly come up. We do leave a 90 minute window in which to cancel. 
Studio Etiquette