Slow Yoga v's Flow Yoga

slow flow versus  flow yoga

Creating a link between breath and movement is the essence of our vinyasa practice and I love seeing you all move slower, with more control, strength and integrity. I find it funny (well not so funny), but through pain, injury and different limitations in practice (life) we often (always) need to adapt or change the way we look / do things in order to create a harmonious system that is in balance for all or most of the time or at least a desirable result (no pain, more strength, less stress)

Fused to Move has evolved into a studio focused on restoring, unraveling and breaking down habitual tendencies in the body in order to help you guys become more aware of body consciousness and sensation and create a different result through mindfulness / observation and at the same time cultivate mobility, strength, fluid movement and the powerful quality of breath.

Simplifying, refining and constantly fine tuning asana is only one part of the physical practice, but on the flip side - the inside; asana is unfathomably internally dynamic. Understanding the nature of what is going inside the pose is about feeling, revisiting, feeling, refining, feeling, fine tuning and feeling and layered on top of that is the conversation the chatter the incessant stream of should have could haves and what have you! LIFE! yes its always happening and it happens to you when all you do is think about it. Asana Practice is the portal (entry point) to understanding yourself. What you do unconsciously on the mat, becomes conscious, the response to poses that are challenging or easy or boring or blah is your response to life. It may not be apparent for days, weeks, months, years....but waiting expecting this is also a mind (ego) based response to our conditioning.

Yoga means union (I know you know that) it is the union of Body Mind and Spirit. It's all ready a lengthy process to unite all three and its "harder" to unite all three flying through a practice mindlessly. There is no rush in Asana, its practice and commitment for a long time that guides you to where you need to be when you need to be there. So go slow and enjoy the process!