The top 10 benefits of 45 minute yoga

The Benefits of 45 minutes yoga practice.

Imagine waking up putting the kettle on or in my case the stove top coffee pot to pour yourself a hot cup of coffee - even though I know it should be hot water and lemon….some habits do die hard. Rolling out your yoga mat and rolling around your lounge room (studio) floor for an hour…it doesn’t happen. OR another scenario….drop the kids off, grab a take away coffee and head to 9.30am yoga class for a 90 min sanctimonious yoga session followed by brunch with your pals. This may happen at some point in my life and have seen it happen to others…

But for the vast majority of working yogis…a 60 minute, 75 minute or krishna forbid…a 90 minute yoga session rarely is the norm. Or if it is, consider yourself to be in a good place in your life. So rather than blabbing on about how good a really long yoga class is as it takes us deeper and deeper…I would happily and evidently say that 45 minute yoga classes do have amazing benefits.

Fused to Move in the heart of the CBD is a “quaint”, “petite” little space with an amazing energetic vibe. It does however have  a few forces working against it, but its the price you pay to have the convenience of yoga at your fingertips. Whilst it may not be the most zen studio to practice in it has definitely earnt itself a great reputation for its high standard of instruction, down to earth-ed-ness....if there is such a thing.

For 2 years now, we have effectively delivered between 3-5 classes a day to our corporate lovers! 

The top 10 benefits of 45 minute yoga according to us….

but we know, that you know, that the benefits… they are endless;

Uno: some is better than none (let's be honest)

Dos: lunch is for an hour, that leaves you a fine 15 minutes to roll in, roll around and roll out.

Tres: the teachers rock! so it's 45 minutes well spent.

Cuatro: your spine will love you and support you even more

Cinco: Stress levels plummet in a southerly direction

Seis: Your energy builds and it rises a little more each time you get to the mat…its all part of the practice

Siete: Your breathe! It get heart and blood pumping…LIFE!

Ocho: You get to move your muscles in a way that counters the effects of sitting.

Nueve: Builds strength and flexibility which have a reciprocal relationship to building overall health and wellbeing.

Diez: it's good for the soul, it clears your head and nadis and eases your mind.

Come and join us for a 45 minute class during your lunch time…or wake up with us Tues, Wed and Fri mornings. 

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