Freedom through Meditation

Join us for mediation and yoga daily.... here's why?

Most of us are committed to practises that enhance our physical health whether this is through regular exercise or through mindful activities such as yoga.

How many of us however take time  to work on our mental health?

Imagine a ferocious river, do you attempt to stop this with a quick fix like a dam, hoping to control the flow or do you create many streams that allow the river to just flow?This ferocious river is the mind of a corporate professional and over time this intensity not only drains them mentally but also physically and emotionally.

There is no better practise for one's mental health than meditation yet even though we suffer from stress and anxiety the idea of sitting still is just not palatable.

For most people the practise of meditation seems impossible because we are trained in a society that if you want something you work harder at it. Yet in meditation we have to do the opposite we have to learn to let go and just be. This is not another practise where you need to improve, this is a practise where you just need to consistently attempt it.

This practise isn't just for those that want to find balance, but also for those that want to perform in their peak performance zone. It's for the yogi that wants to perform better on the mat, the ambitious corporate rookie looking to improve his performance and also the mother than is trying to find a balance from the juggle of a career and a family.

So make a choice today and commit to experiencing true freedom, the freedom of the mind through meditation.