How are you? busy!

Have you ever asked someone ‘how are you’? and they reply with the all encompassing “I’m so busy”, ‘life is full on’, ‘I've got so much on yaddah yaddah yaddah”. Last time I checked in with my feelings, busy was not an emotion that that I used to describe my state of mind. But today this response is perfectly acceptable and masks the emotions of, tired or exhausted. Life is busy and yes there is lots to do and time moves faster now because of the rate at which information is exchanged. 

I empathise with busy, I do. My best advice for those that feel busy, exhausted and run down is quiet simply to cull and choose to be conscious of slowing down. Cull back on all the tasks, meetings, appointments that are not 100% necessary to your job (and if you dislike, despise or hate your job, then your answer is simple!…move on!)

I have definitely been the victim of filling my calendar up with social plans just to have stuff on. Most of the time, I am quite content chilling at home, with a good book or spending time researching and going deeper into topics that I am super passionate about. In other words, nerd-ing out and filling my mind with stuff that nourishes me. 

I do totally love being social and spending quality time with family and friends. But so many times I get to Sunday night and want to cry because I have not had any down time or me time.

I know this age and generation has us wanting to kick some BAD ASS lifetime goals! and it's so awesome that consciousness and evolution is driving more and more individuals to share, create and execute ideas that is a heart felt passion.


What I am saying here is three fold.

1. Slow Down Mo Fo.

2. Choose how you spend your time.

If you don’t like your job, you don’t have to quit. - Just spend time outside of work focusing on something you are passionate about. NEW hobbies or activities are a great way to feel a fresh flow of vitality moving through you. It could possibly spark a new idea or help find a solution to an old problem. But if you are too busy on Facebook, or filling your calendar with social events to just attend then maybe ask yourself how long will this entertain you until it drains you.

  • The interesting thing about true passion is that it never gets old, it never expires, you find new ways of exploring things, you are forever curious and you want to go deeper and deeper. How long can you scroll through a antisocialnewsfeed for? and at this point you may as well go out and interact rather than a smart phone sucking your attention out of your face.

3. A little QUALITY YOU time….'goes a really long way'.

  • Do you find it hard hanging out with yourself?
  • Do you need to be surrounded by people all the time? or pick up the phone to talk to someone?

Again, I am not saying be a loner. Because after alone time, community and tribe are the second most important core value of Love and Connectedness for animals and humans.

Who am I? Contemplating the answer to this billion year old question makes it easier to be vulnerable and in a way unshakeable. Knowing who you are in isolation of others is the single most important way to learn and know who you are in a group, team or community environment. But it also works the other way. We need to have this tribe and the various relationships we do have in our lives to see and learn what it is we attract,  reflect and project to the world. 

How are you?