Long Slow Deep Yoga Stretches for you at home

Here is a little take home restorative practice for you to do to chill out. Some days you just need LSD to shift your perspective.  

This practice can be done first thing in the morning when the mind is clear or can also be done later in the day or evening, hectic or not. This practice is an all round goodie to release stress and restore balance. 

The practice will take about 20-30 mins depending on how long you choose to hold these postures. I recommend 3 - 5 mins but if you are running short of time 3 minute holds are perfectly ok and will still create a shift in your body. 


Reclined Butterfly

Focus: including the upper hips, outer hips, opening the front line of the spine, with a beautiful lung and heart opening as well as a great posture release for the chest and shoulders. Great pose to breath and expand the diaphragm.

Why: The perfect pose to open the practice and come into the awareness of the body. A great posture to calm and ease the nervous tension and simply counter pose the effects of being desk bound.

To set up the pose:

  • Place your bolster behind you along the length of your spine, lie back
  • Take the knees wide to your mid line or keep the feet flat. Yogis choice - What ever you prefer or feels yummier in the hips.
  • Arms can open wide to your chest, or reach above the shoulders or place the palms of your hand on your stomach and follow the breathing.

Props: Bolster to lay the spine along, 2 Blocks if you feel a pinch on the outside of the hip, use the blocks to prevent the legs falling to wide.

Hold: 3 - 5 mins or if you love it here, stay as little longer.

Supported Prone Twist on Bolster

Focus: Twisting and balancing the spine.

Why: A simple massage to nurture the inner organs and as a result bring equilibrium to the nervous system.

To set up  this pose:

  • place the bolster along the middle of the mat (use a block to elevate the bolster if you need),
  • Bring the right hip right up next to the bolster, keeping the knees bent.
  • Turn your torso to face the bolster and lay along it. Use any props you need to get yourself cosy in this pose.

Props: Bolster, Block,

Hold: 5 mins

Dragonfly / Seated Straddle

Focus: To open the superficial back line of the body. Release the hamstrings, inner thighs (adductors) and lower back. 

Why: A great way to unlock the hips and stimulate the meridians of the urinary bladder, kidneys, liver and gallbladder.

To set up  this pose:

  • Use a block or cushion underneath your sitting bone / hips if you need the space in your hips or you find it hard to sit tall and tilt forward.
  • Take the legs wide, placing the bolster in front of the torso, between the legs to rest the down or lean on.
  • Do not force yourself to go deep in the pose, go in gently and allow the breath to guide you.

Props: Bolster to rest the torso, Block to elevate the hips higher than the legs if the hips are tight.

Hold: 5 mins

Viparita Karani - Reclined, Legs up the wall pose.

Focus: Viparita = Inverted, Karani = in Action, meaning that this pose is effective for reversing all that we do when we are upright (standing, sitting, pretty much everything).

Why: By inverting the body we are reversing or assisting the flow of blood, lymph and other fluids back to the heart and surround lymph nodes which has a nurturing effect on your nervous system.

Props: Mat, Blanket (under the head and shoulders)

Hold: 5 mins, closing the eyes to breathe.


Pentacle / Savasana

Focus: Rest / Digest and Stillness. It seems non intuitive to be lying completely still doing nothing, but this pose offers the greatest benefit of all.

Why: Here in pentacle, savasana we all the effects of all the postures to take effect. The nervous system registers and process the therapeutics of each of the postures.

Props: Bolster, Block

Hold: 5 mins

You can join us every Monday 6.30pm or Wednesday 5.30pm or Friday 1pm and get a little more restoration into your life.
Our studio class is a fusion of the LSD inspired practice by Bryan Kest infused with traditional, Taoist theory. All the ingredients nonetheless to create a practice that restores and leaves you feeling "rejuved".