Relax, Nothing is under control

My teacher shared this quote with me yesterday because during our chat he observed that my desire to control the things that I couldn’t appeared so rampant in my everyday. Yoga teacher by day, control freak by night! ha. I know for sure that my most productive days and the delivery of quality work is best when I am relaxed and not attached to the outcome. Its easy to say this and conceptualise being non-controlling, but what would your life look like or feel like if you were to trust process. What if you were certain that life was already written for you and that you just had to add the design and colour to the illustration. 


I work my butt off (we all do) and feel that there are endless piles of to-do’s and will-do’s always demanding my attention. Even with yoga as my life I often feel like

'I need to be doing more',

'I can't fit it all in'

'there is so much to do',

'where do I start',

'its not ready or good enough',

(sound familiar) and there I am in the pressure pit of overwhelmed, burnt-out, exhausted, watching the abundance of scattered, manic energy channeling no where. That is, feel like no matter how much I do, nothing gets done. 

Its when I get into this space that something significant happens to slow me down, trip me up and put me back into line. 

To find solace in the worldly madness. Let go! Its that freakin' simple.

Finally, the words made sense. To relax is really to rise above and see clearly (in other words remember your purpose). He used the metaphor of climbing to the hill at the top of city to look around and realign direction. In the eye of the chaos it is hard to recalibrate your compass. 

Letting go of the desire to control the things you cannot is a hard lesson that you will face time and time again. Find a Li-lo and see what it feels like to flow with life a little more (see above).