What on earth are the 4 corners of your feet?

How many times in a yoga class have you heard; ground down, press down, feel, activate, stand down in  ~ the 4 corners of your feet?

This is a very Yoga based cue as the practice requires that the weight be distributed evenly through the feet in order to draw upon and transfer energy through the whole body. 

First, lets consider the function of the feet. It will help make a little more sense why Yoga teachers are relentlessly cueing this and the persistent pressing down throughout the whole practice is so vital.




The feet:

  • Stand our ground

  • Our main mode of transportation

  • Sport and other activities - Running, cycling, jumping, hiking, football, rugby, long jump.


Energetically what this means is;

  • Our feet is our connection to the earth

  • How we ground ourselves

  • How connected and tall we stand

  • How balanced we are

  • How much power and strength we can cultivate & develop


On the Yoga Mat we use this 4 corner | earth connection to;

  • The earth! Taking your shoes off allows yogis to awaken and connect to their senses.

  • Build awareness through the whole body ~ our organic information system.

  • Balance our imbalances ~ For instance; those that are right side dominant because of sports etc. Find that a Yoga Practice which does not discriminate left and right will only lead to more harmony (better balance) in both sides of the body.

  • To get centred ~ ie. to bring busy, scattered, all over the place energy down to the ground.


Secondly, it would be really helpful to know,where are the four corners of the feet?



The four corners of the feet are:

  1. The ball of the foot | the base mound of the big toe.

  2. The outer ball of the foot | the base mound of the little toe.

  3. Inner heel;

  4. Outer heel

Feel your footprint bright and firm keeping the toes relaxed. | Notice | Feel | Create a lift in the arch of the foot.

If you have flat feet (Lift your toes a little more and dig those 4 corners in), working the 4 corners of your feet will prove to be the best and most effective way to rebuild strength and improve the overall function of the feet.

This is also another good reason why wearing no shoes if your practice is so purposeful and efficient at rebuilding and improving the communication of muscles.