Practice and Commitment

Yoga represents a relationship to self. It can be tumultuous and beautiful and at the same time. Every practice is different and just like all cycles in our lives there are highs and lows, ebbs and flows times of rest and retreat or changes that require a different approach. If there is no practice how can we learn what it is we need to grow? how can we learn about ourselves when we are faced with difficulty how do we know when we are in the flow of our life.

Unlock potential through movement & meditation.

Our bodies hold so much wisdom. It is through movement that we are able to tap into our greatest strength and unlock our own unique potential. 

"Be-ing" in our body (that is, truly present to sensations of pain, discomfort, joy and bliss) means that we uncover the layers of what we need to look at to learn and are better able to connect with 'wisdom', intuition, creativity and the 'STUFF" that makes us feel like we are fulfilling our purpose.

Movement is our key to longevity

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