Yoga 101

Yoga 101 is our 5 week beginner yoga series to introduce you to our studio or a yoga practice to the elements of building a solid foundation in your yoga practice. 

We want you to feel comfortable on the mat and confident that you are starting to grasp yoga terminology, as well as know the appropriate modifications for your body.

Practice 1: Celebrate the Sun - Break down sun salutations and discover modifications to suit your body. Understand the link between breath & movement.

Practice 2: Activate your centre - Learn the basics on how to connect and engage your core and the energetic spinal locks that protect you through movement and your day to day.

Practice 3: Stand your ground - focused on the primary standing postures, how to earth, ground and connect with integrity.

Practice 4: Strength and Balance - Calibrate your inner compass to build strength from within. Activating your centre and standing your ground come together in this weeks practices.

Practice 5: Find your flow - Now let us put everything everything we have built from the ground up into a an energising flow.

To get started on this series;

We recommend you purchase the Studio Trial, 3 Classes for $30. From here you can decide how often you would like to practice.

What happens after Yoga 101?

Coming to a brand new studio can often mean that class names and styles can be slightly different from other studios. If you are new a Yoga practice completely we highly recommend

  • Yoga Align (102) - This is a beautiful practice designed to refine your practice after our beginner series. Longer holders, with safety and alignment mind. This practice is also suitable to regular practitioners that want steadiness and stability in their breath, mind and body.
  • The Framework for our Align Classes will help you improve; Backbends & Inversions, Twists, Hip Opening and Shoulder Stability.